Zomato Issues A Statement After Delivery Boy Caught Eating Customer’s Food. This Is What They Said

Only those living in big cities and leading a restless life understand the importance of food delivery services. In the times when you don’t have time to cook yourself, food delivery apps like a blessing. Just open the app, select what you want to eat, order and it will be right in front of your order. So cool, isn’t it?

But who has seen the reality or say what happens behind your back? At least the delivery men of many food delivery services think so.

Earlier we had seen a case in China in which a delivery boy was caught by CCTV camera in the lift while he was munching over a customer’s order and then repacking it for delivery. The shocking video had become a rage in China back then.

Now something similar has happened here in India as well and the delivery boy in question belongs to none other than “Zomato”.

A video is going viral on the social media which shows the Zomato man eating the customer’s food without any regret, repacking it, sealing it and then opening another pack to eat. T he video has left everyone shocked and a lot of questions are being raised on the credibility of Zomato. Have a look at the video below-


Take a look at some of the public reactions after watching the video- 









Zomato noted the issue and took a quick action on it. The company also reported the man has been found and it belonged to their delivery team in Madurai. The brand also ensured that they have zero tolerance for food tampering and will add an extra layer of security in future.

Well, we hope to see some changes really quick.

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