We spend so much of our time online signing up for stuff. We probably take for granted that we can just plug our information into a few fields and blam, we have an account.

But there’s a particular part of the population that doesn’t have the privilege of having this be an easy experience.

For the first time in her life, Natalie Weiner, sportswriter for SB Nation, found herself unable to register for an account using her name.

Twitter | @natalieweiner
It seems that an oversensitive algorithm was worried that people would be using “Weiner” as a fake name in order to make troll accounts. Unfortunately, that leaves Natalie (and roughly 18,000 other Weiners) in the lurch.

The service she was signing up for has told her to go ahead and just put “W” for now and that they’d work to fix the situation, but it’s still a bit embarrassing to have had it happen.


On the other hand, the tweet going viral ended up bringing a ton of people out of the woodwork, revealing their own frustrations about having to fight against algorithms to use their real names.
Twitter | @benschmuck13
Apparently, it’s a lot more common than you’d realize.

Pretty soon, it seemed that every Schmuck, Weiner, or Butt finally had the chance to let off some steam about how frustrating these experiences could be.

Twitter | @justjames8
Heh. Butt.

It’s actually a common enough phenomenon that it has its own name: the Scunthorpe Problem.

Twitter | @philip_sporn
If you don’t immediately see the problem with “Scunthorpe,” take away the “S” and then the “horpe,” and you’ll see why some algorithms don’t like the word too much.

Some of the people tweeting didn’t even have “inappropriate” names — just names that some sites decided were made up.

Twitter | @Pierstoval
Maybe this is why The Rock finally decided to go by “Dwayne Johnson.”

Seriously, who’s getting worked up over the name “Gross”? Have you never heard of beloved Canadian TV star Paul Gross?

Twitter | @keena_louise22
For shame, algorithms. For shame.

With all that being said, for a bunch of these, I couldn’t help but go, “Oh, yeah, for sure. I get that.”

Twitter | @Jennifer_Dick
Like, I’m not saying that it’s not unfortunate, but if I was making up fake names, this would certainly be one I’d consider.

Quite a few people had variations on that last one.

Twitter | @medick32
He says it’s “surprising,” but is it really? Really, Kyle? If you’re being totally honest with yourself, are you surprised?

This honestly sounds like a really problematic superhero.

Twitter | @TheMikeDickman
I know that I started this off way more sympathetically, but, like…come on.

Although out of all the people with variations on that name, I think this poor guy’s got it worst of all.

That’s one heck of a double-whammy. I’m almost tempted to wonder if that name’s made up, but that wouldn’t really be in the spirit of this whole thing, would it?

Sometimes, it’s just a little thing like signing up for a mailing list, but other times, it’s something a little bit more important.

Twitter | @paulrgay1
I’m sure there are fail-safes in place of situations like this, but dang if that doesn’t suck.

It was actually kind of heartwarming to have people starting to find solidarity in each others’ shared troubles.

Twitter | @MattCummingsDB
I haven’t seen people rally together for a cause on Twitter like this since people shared their embarrassing stock photo stories.

I guess it goes to show you that you’re very rarely in this alone.

Twitter | @LHDonline
Now that I think about it, I actually went to school with a guy with the last name Dykeman. I wonder if he ever had this problem.

Sometimes, it’s not the approval process that gets you — it’s the auto-generated usernames.

Twitter | @feathertopYork
I genuinely misunderstood what Francesca meant at first and thought that she was working way too hard for her emails.

But I think my absolute favorite is this one.

Twitter | @bird5445
The truly astounding thing about this one is that it assumes that anyone creating spam would be dumb enough to actually use the word “spam” in it. You’ve got to be really bad at spam if you’re doing that.

How about you? Have you ever run into trouble signing up for an account? If so, be sure to let us know!