How to find good hashtags to attract its audience on Instagram?

On Instagram, your goal isn’t to have a maximum of likes or followers. Your goal is to make yourself known to your target audience. Yes, it is important to have the commitment and feedback on its publications. But it is not the ultimate goal. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that the work done on Instagram must draw his ideal client. The number of likes and followers after. Here is the three-step technique for finding the right hashtags to attract its audience target on Instagram.

Attention to the “spam” hashtags

It is important to avoid “spam” hashtags. You may have already noticed: using certain hashtags, you immediately receive the likes of unknown users or generic as comments “follow me” or comments with only smileys. These hashtags don’t attract your target audience but spam users. Therefore, avoid using them in order to focus on its true audience. Here’s how to identify good hashtags that will attract your target audience.

Step 1: identify the popularity of a hashtag

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In order to avoid “spam” hashtags, avoid too popular hashtags that are too often used. You can find the number of uses of the hashtag directly on Instagram. Specifically, avoid using hashtags with more than 500,000 publications.

Step 2: Find the hashtags to its sector

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Now that we understand what kind of hashtags use, it’s time to find those that are specific to its audience. There are many sites that identify hashtags based on keywords. However, I find that it is easier to do his research directly on Instagram. When you do a search via a hashtag, Instagram suggests related hashtags. I advise you to leave a general keyword, in order to find less popular hashtags, but always in relation to your business sector. Let’s say you have a pastry… You can set hashtag main #patisserie. However, this one is very popular and therefore complete with less used hashtags.

We can see here that Instagram proposes #gourmand with less than 500,000 uses.

source : onlinesuccesswithvalentine

Step 3: Use more specific hashtags

Once you have identified some general hashtags with less than 500,000 uses, you can do a more specific search. It then comes to several keywords in the search. Keep the bakery as an example… For a local business, it is important to indicate in which region you are located. You can then add your city or region in the search.

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You can also complete with secondary keyword research:

source : onlinesuccesswithvalentine

For each photo, it is possible to put 30 different hashtags. Feel free to build a library of hashtags, you indicate in the notes of your phone. You can find them easily whenever you post on Instagram.

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