Former SEAL Mocked by ‘SNL’ Wins TX House Seat, Calls for More Vets in Congress

Former Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives Tuesday, just days after being mocked for his war injury on “Saturday Night Live.”

Crenshaw, who lost his right eye in a 2012 IED attack in Afghanistan, was mocked by Pete Davidson during the show’s “Weekend Update” segment Saturday, which led to a major backlash.

Crenshaw, 34, went on to capture 53 percent of the vote in Texas’s 2nd congressional district compared to Democrat Todd Litton’s 44.4 percent, according to Politico.

On “Fox & Friends” Wednesday, Crenshaw said he had to walk a “very fine line” after the “SNL” controversy.

“What I would not be is a victim about it, I would not be offended about it. But I had to also point out that it was still very offensive, and there are many, many other veterans just like me who don’t feel as though their wounds might be the subject of bad jokes and poor taste to a hysterically laughing audience,” Crenshaw said.

The said the fallout from Davidson’s jokes may have helped him in the race, but he believes what really carried him to victory was spending the past year connecting with voters in his district.

Now that he’s headed to Washington, D.C., Crenshaw said he would like to see more veterans serving in Congress.

“They started out serving their country, so there’s an element of trust there, an element that you can actually work together with and maybe find the things that we agree on and go forward with those,” Crenshaw said.

“I think the more veterans in Congress, the more likely it is we can do that and find issues we can work together on.”




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