Celebrity Couples With Extreme Height Differences

29-Tina Fey (5’5″) & Jeff Richmond (5’5″) – 0 inches

There is no denying that Tina Fey has been one of the most important female figures in the world of comedy over the last few decades. The genius behind Mean Girls, amongst other comedies, has been head over heels for pianist-turned-musical director Jeff Richmond since 1994.

Tina Fey (5’5″) & Jeff Richmond (5’5″) – 0 inches

Richmond ended up composing the score of Fey’s show 30 Rock and in 2001, the couple tied the knot. They have had two daughters together and in 2009, they bought a US$3.4 million NYC apartment.

30-Jenna Elfman (5’10”) & Bodhi Elfman (5’9″) – 1 inch

These days, Jenna Elfman is enjoying herself on The Walking Dead spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead. Through thick and thin though, the talented actress has managed to maintain a happy and healthy marriage with fellow actor Bodhi Elfman.

Jenna Elfman (5’10”) & Bodhi Elfman (5’9″) – 1 inch

The couple met during an audition for a Sprite commercial and tied the knot four years later. Together, they are devout Scientologists ever since Bodhi introduced Jenna to the religion. They have also had two kids together.

31-Ari Cooper (6’0″) & Deryck Whibley (5’6″) – 6 inches

If you grew up during the 2000s, you will be familiar with rock songs such as “Fat Lip” and “In Too Deep.” These were some of Sum 41s classic songs and frontman Deryck Whibley had a huge part to play in the band’s success over the years.

Ari Cooper (6’0″) & Deryck Whibley (5’6″) – 6 inches

Interestingly enough, Whibley has had a number of high profile relationships with the likes of Paris Hilton and Avril Lavigne. However, the musician has finally settled with one woman, having married model Ari Cooper in 2015.

32-Rhea Durham (5’9″) & Mark Wahlberg (5’8″) – 1 inch

At 5’8″, Marky Mark isn’t exactly the tallest guy in the world. Even still, he managed to fall in love with a woman who is still taller than him, despite not being that tall either.

Rhea Durham (5’9″) & Mark Wahlberg (5’8″) – 1 inch

Mark Wahlberg has been married to Rhea Durham since 2009 and together, they have had four children – two girls and two boys. The man from Boston rarely gets a chance to breathe due to his busy workload. Nevertheless, he still manages to maintain a happy and healthy marriage.

33-Rhea Perlman (5’0″) & Danny Devito (4’10”) – 2 inches

Widely regarded as one of the shortest couples in entertainment history, Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman certainly made up for it with tons of heart and passion. The couple first met back in the 70s, when Perlman went to watch a friend perform in the play The Shrinking Bride.

Rhea Perlman (5’0″) & Danny Devito (4’10”) – 2 inches

DeVito was also performing that evening and just two weeks later, they moved in together! Since then, the couple has had an on-and-off relationship and despite no longer living together, they are not planning on getting divorced.

34-Katie Holmes (5’9″) & Tom Cruise (5’7″) – 2 inches

Even though two inches don’t seem like a big deal, looking at their photos it looks much more. The couple started dating in 2005, and got engaged after only seven weeks!

Katie Holmes (5’9″) & Tom Cruise (5’7″) – 2 inches

Needless to say, Mr Cruise popped the question at the top of the Eiffel Tower with a whopping tear-drop ring. Unfortunately, the marriage only lasted for a little over five years and the not-so-happy couple now share a daughter names Suri (13).

35-Will Smith (6’3″) & Jada Pinkett Smith (5’1″) – 14 inches

One thing is for sure: the huge 14-inch height difference between Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith hasn’t had too much of an impact on the couple’s 20+ year marriage.

Will Smith (6’3″) & Jada Pinkett Smith (5’1″) – 14 inches

Their kids Jayden and Willow have already exceeded their mother’s height and are hot on the tail of their Fresh Prince father. In a climate where Hollywood couples rarely stand the test of time, it’s amazing how much the Smiths have achieved together and continue to achieve.

36-Khloe Kardashian (5’8″) & Tristan Thompson (6’8″) – 12 inches

It seems like Kim Kardashian’s sister Khloe followed in her footsteps when she also married a basketball player – Lamar Odom. However, the marriage descended into a heavily publicized divorce. Despite this, Khloe decided to keep her love life in the world of basketball and started dating fellow NBA player Tristan Thompson.

Khloe Kardashian (5’8″) & Tristan Thompson (6’8″) – 12 inches

Amazingly, just two days before Khloe gave birth to their daughter, rumors circulated online that Tristan had been unfaithful to her. Nevertheless, the couple is still together.

37-Fergie (5’3″) & Josh Duhamel (6’2″) – 11 inches

It seems like Fergie’s rise to fame with the Black Eyed Peas directly correlated with her blossoming romance with actor Josh Duhamel. The singer met Duhamel when the rap group made a guest appearance at his show in Las Vegas.

Fergie (5’3″) & Josh Duhamel (6’2″) – 11 inches

Since then, the couple got married in 2009 and also had a son – Axl Jack. However, not every relationship is meant to last, and for Fergie and Duhamel, their time together finally came to an end in 2017.