Celebrity Couples With Extreme Height Differences

13-Channing Tatum (6ft) & Jenna Dewan (5’2″) – 10 inches

One of the most beloved couples to have evolved from an on-screen relationship was Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, who starred together in the popular dance movie Step Up.

Channing Tatum (6ft) & Jenna Dewan (5’2″) – 10 inches

As soon as the crew wrapped up filming, Tatum and Dewan began dating and eventually tied the knot three years later. They even had a daughter. However, like so many other Hollywood couples, Tatum and Dewan were simply not meant to be and separated in 2018.

14-Christina Ricci (5’1″) & James Heerdegen (6’+) – 11+ inches

Another actress who inevitably tends to end up with guys much taller than her is Christina Ricci. At one point, the Addams Family star was engaged to the colossal Owen Benjamin, who was 6’6″ in comparison to her much shorter 5’1″ stature.

Christina Ricci (5’1″) & James Heerdegen (6ft+) – 11+ inches

However, things didn’t work out between the two and since then, Ricci has moved onto actor James Heerdegen. While it’s unclear whether Heerdegen is as tall as Benjamin, he is definitely at least 6ft tall.

15-Sophie Turner (5’7″) & Joe Jonas (5’6″) – 1 inch

When you are in your early 20s and are a part of two of the biggest TV/film franchises, you must be doing something right – and that’s just Sophie Turner’s professional life!

Sophie Turner (5’7″) & Joe Jonas (5’6″) – 1 inch

The young actress, who is ready to own 2019 with her roles in Game of Thrones and the upcoming X-Men movie Dark Phoenix, has been engaged to pop star Joe Jonas since 2016. There might only be one inch between them in height, but when Sophie’s wearing heels, she towers over her fiance.

16-Jay Cutler (6’3″) & Kristin Cavallari (5’3″) – 12 inches

They might be famous for very different reasons, but Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari are a powerful celebrity couple.

Celebrity Couples With Extreme Height Differences
Jay Cutler (6’3″) & Kristin Cavallari (5’3″) – 12 inches

Cutler, whose football career was prematurely ended after a bad injury and lack of playing time, is a staggering 12 inches taller than his wife. Cavallari, on the other hand, is still doing her thing in the world of TV, and is currently starring in her very own reality show Very Cavallari. The show documents the couple’s life together.

17-Ian Somerhalder (5’8″) & Nikki Reed (5’4″) – 4 inches

This is one couple who you seriously don’t want to mess with, especially since they both starred as vampires in separate shows/movies.

Celebrity Couples With Extreme Height Differences
Ian Somerhalder (5’8″) & Nikki Reed (5’4″) – 4 inches

Ian Somerhalder starred as Damon Salvatore in the popular series The Vampire Diaries, while Nikki Reed played vampiress Rosalie Hale in the Twilight saga. Since 2014, the couple has been inseparable, tying the knot a year later and having a daughter in 2017. Somerhalder is scheduled to star in the upcoming Netflix series V-Wars.

18-Chris Hemsworth (6’3″) & Elsa Pataky (5’3″) – 12 inches

When casting Chris Hemsworth as Thor, the God of Thunder, Marvel Cinematic Studios needed to make sure that they had someone who was fairly tall for the role. At 6’3″, the man from down under certainly fit the bill.

1Chris Hemsworth (6’3″) & Elsa Pataky (5’3″) – 12 inches

As for Hemsworth’s personal life, he doesn’t let the huge height difference between him and his wife Elsa Pataky get in the middle of their relationship. Spanish actress Pataky has also had her fair share of Hollywood success, starring in the Fast and Furious franchise.

19-Peter Dinklage (4’4″) & Erica Schmidt (5’5″) – 13 inches

Peter Dinklage has proven time and time again on HBO’s Game of Thrones that size really doesn’t matter. Despite being the shortest person in the whole of Westeros, he is also one of the most feared.

Peter Dinklage (4’4″) & Erica Schmidt (5’5″) – 13 inches

Although his fame has skyrocketed in the last few years, Dinklage has aimed to keep his personal life as private as possible. He has been married to Erica Schmidt for over a decade now and the couple has since had two kids.

20-essica Simpson (5’3″) & Eric Johnson (6’3″) – 12 inches

When pop star Jessica Simpson was previously married to actor Nick Lachey, there were only 4 inches separating the married couple. However, Simpson has since moved on from Lachey and tied the knot with football player Eric Johnson back in 2014.

Jessica Simpson (5’3″) & Eric Johnson (6’3″) – 12 inches

In terms of height, Johnson was certainly an upgrade for the singer, with a much greater 12-inch height difference between the two. Let’s face it; when you are married to an NFL player, you should go big or go home.

21-Lebron James (6’6″) & Savannah Brinson (5’7″) – 11 inches

When you date a basketball player, the height difference can look even bigger than it actually is. However, this doesn’t apply to Savannah Brinson. At 5 ft and 7 inches tall, she is definitely not short by any means.

Lebron James (6’6″) & Savannah Brinson (5’7″) – 11 inches

The couple has been together since their time in high school together, and in 2013, James and Brinson officially tied the knot. Seeing that James is one of the highest paid NBA players right now, Brinson is probably not going to go splitsville anytime soon.

22-Shakira (5’2″) & Gerard Pique (6’4″) – 14 inches

It has been nearly a decade since Shakira and Gerard Pique started dating. However, this takes nothing away from the ever-shocking height difference between this power-couple. The Spanish soccer player is a staggering 14 inches taller than his pop star wife.

Shakira (5’2″) & Gerard Pique (6’4″) – 14 inches

The couple fell in love after Shakira sang the anthem at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the tournament that Pique won with the Spanish national team. Since then, the couple has had two kids – Milan and Sasha.

23-Wladimir Klitschko (6’6″) & Hayden Panettiere (5ft) – 18 inches

You know what they say: size does not matter. However, there is something visually fascinating about seeing a celebrity that is much taller (or shorter) than their significant other. In the world of boxing, height isn’t so important. However, 6’6″ Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko would beg to differ.

Wladimir Klitschko (6’6″) & Hayden Panettiere (5ft) – 18 inches

He’s a staggering 18 inches taller than his 5ft tall fiance, actress Hayden Panettiere. The couple’s height difference is triple the 6-inch average difference between men and women!

24-Megan Fox (5’4″) & Brian Austin Green (6ft) – 8 inches

With an eight-inch height difference, Brian Austin Green is officially a head taller than his superstar wife Megan Fox.

Megan Fox (5’4″) & Brian Austin Green (6ft) – 8 inches

Despite blowing up with roles in movies such as Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fox and Green have stayed true to each other ever since first working together on the show Hope & Faith. Not only do Fox and Green have a considerable height difference, but there is also 12 years in age separating the two.

25-Shaquille O’Neal (7’1″) & Laticia Rolle (5’6″) – 19 inches

It is truly hard to keep up with Shaquille ONeals’ love life. The last serious relationship that the NBA legend seemed to be in was with Alicia Rolle. The couple had been dating for many years and were even engaged at one point.

Shaquille O’Neal (7’1″) & Laticia Rolle (5’6″) – 19 inches

However, the couple decided to go their separate ways and since then, Shaq has been seen with numerous other women. These include actress Annie Ilonzeh, and most recently, a woman by the name of Dani Nicole, a model from Houston, Texas.

26-Kristen Stewart (5’5″) & Robert Pattinson (6’1″) – 8 inches

There was a time when Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were the couple that absolutely everyone was rooting for. Having originally starred alongside each other in the hit vampire movie series Twilight, it didn’t take long for the two to begin a real-life romance.

Kristen Stewart (5’5″) & Robert Pattinson (6’1″) – 8 inches

However, everything came crumbling down when, in 2012, Stewart was caught on camera being intimate with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. After breaking up and reconciling, Stewart and Pattinson officially parted ways in May 2013.

27-Salma Hayek (5’2″) & Edward Norton (6’0″) – 10 inches

While Salma Hayek is currently married to French businessman Francois-Henri Pinault, there was a time when she was romantically linked to a fellow Hollywood star. Between 1999 and 2003, Hayek was dating Fight Club and American History X star Edward Norton.

Salma Hayek (5’2″) & Edward Norton (6’0″) – 10 inches

With a 10-inch difference between the two, Norton sure did tower over Hayek while they were together. Funnily enough, it was their chiropractor that set them up, to begin with! However, it simply wasn’t meant to last.

28-Rod Stewart (5’10”) & Penny Lancaster (6’1″) – 3 inches

Not only has Rod Stewart established himself as one of the biggest stars in pop music, but he has also had an extremely eventful personal life. With multiple relationships to his name, as well as two failed marriages, it seemed like he would never get it right in the love department.

Rod Stewart (5’10”) & Penny Lancaster (6’1″”) – 3 inches

However, it seemed like the third time was a charm when Stewart got married to Penny Lancaster. They began dating in 1999 and tied the knot in 2007 in Portofino, Italy.