A massive earthquake just hit Anchorage, Alaska. Here’s what it looked like for people on the ground.

A magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit Anchorage, Alaska, on Friday, according to the National Weather Service. The full extent of the damage isn’t yet clear, but people have already posted photos and videos on social media of what they experienced.

According to testimonies and videos of people on the ground, the earthquake tore apart roads, knocked items from shelves, and led schools to evacuate. Airports in Alaska reportedly instructed planes not to land.

One student said the earthquake cracked his school ‘in half,’ posting pictures of torn floors and ruined roads

Vine Road, outside Anchorage, Alaska, was reportedly devastated

And other roads have been severely damaged


Another student posted a video of his school evacuating


Office buildings sustained major damage

Someone took a video from inside a courthouse, showing everyone hiding under desks

With the earthquake’s aftershocks, the National Weather Service issued a tsunami warning for Alaska’s Cook Inlet region. You can find safety updates on the NWS Anchorage’s Twitter feed.


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