A Manager Shamed This Mom For Calling Out Of Work Because Her Son Is On Life Support

Crystal Reynolds Fisher of Michigan is living every mother’s nightmare. Her 18-year-old son is on life support after running a fever of 104 and doctors are still figuring out what caused his condition.

Crystal Reynolds Fisher / Via facebook.com

Like any mother would, Fisher called out of work so she could stay by her son’s side in the hospital. However, the reaction she received from her manager is more heartless than she ever could have expected.

Crystal Reynolds Fisher / Via facebook.com

The manager downplayed her son’s condition as “drama” and refused to see why she wouldn’t be able to come in for her next shift.

Crystal Reynolds Fisher / Via facebook.com

Fisher explained that she could barely keep her head straight and couldn’t believe her manager expected her to work as if nothing was happening.

Crystal Reynolds Fisher / Via facebook.com

On Saturday, Fisher uploaded screenshots of the text exchange to her Facebook page and the post was shared over 70,000 times. By Monday, the story had reached the Folk Oil corporate office and the manager was swiftly fired.


After learning that her manager was let go, Fisher told station WWMT all she had to say to her former boss is, “I pray for you.”

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