6 Of The Romantic Things You Can Do For A Pregnant Woman In Her Third Trimester

  • Share The Prep-Load

Reading those pregnancy books and preparing the hospital bag comes naturally to any pregnant woman. This is because she is nervous about handling this delicate situation on her own. But the same can be said for the soon-to-be dad too. Then why not share the preparation load with her? Maybe on the D-Day or after the baby arrives, she may feel lost while dealing with something. That is when you’ll pitch in, like a knight in shining armor, with your newly-acquired knowledge to save the day! And watch her beam with admiration!

  • Hear Her Out

Hear Her Out

With her hormone levels going crazy, you will certainly find your better half frequently going over the edge. She may also start feeling inadequate as her energy levels start to dip and she’ll not be able to keep pace with her routine chores. So, take some time out once in a while to cuddle her and listen to her whining patiently. It will do a whale of good to your relationship in the long run.

  • Giving Her Space

We know that despite your wife’s physical and hormonal changes, you still find her irresistible. And she may have obliged, especially during the first two trimesters. Yet, as much as she loved your snuggling earlier, she may not feel the same in the last trimester. At this stage, believe us, her only desire would be to have your hands off her! At least for a while. All she needs is some space to breathe easily, feel some kicks, and relax before she goes in to deliver. But your understanding of her situation will definitely make her love you more than ever!

We hope all you husbands and partners out there whose lovely wives are in the third trimester have taken note of this. As your wives gear up for the finale (labor and childbirth), make sure you continue to give them your tender love, understanding, and care. Because this is what life partners are for!

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