6 Of The Romantic Things You Can Do For A Pregnant Woman In Her Third Trimester

Think romance and in all probability images of passionate kisses, hugs, or candle-lit dinners will spring to your mind. However, romance might have a totally different meaning for a pregnant woman, especially in the third trimester. This is a stage where she may either not be physically up to it or her hide-and-seek-playing hormones might mess with her mood. However, this doesn’t mean that she isn’t entitled to a little bit of sunshine (read: romance) during this stage. Here are a few things which may not be romantic in the real sense, yet your pregnant wife is surely going to love it:

  • Massage Her Tired Feet

Massage Her Tired Feet

If there is one part of a pregnant woman’s body, apart from her belly, which practically bears the entire body weight, then it is her feet. Just like the belly, the feet go through a lot as well – swelling, strain, aches, and pains. This gets worse during the third trimester. So, give your darling wife some TLC by gently massaging her tired, swollen feet. For all you know, it may eventually become her idea of romance after childbirth too.

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