35 Car Hacks Every Driver Should Know

Whether you just got a new car or you’re looking for tips to make the old one more interesting, you will be surprised that you didn’t already come up with these hacks! Whether they’re purely for decoration or for function, these car hacks will be useful for any type of car owner. While not all car hacks are absolutely risk-free, we have put together a list of 35 interesting examples to keep you busy!

1-Increase the Range of the Key Fob

Not happy with the range of your car keys? Here’s a strange but effective hack that can help you out! Next time you try to unlock your car but you find that it’s out of reach, place the key fob on your chin and press the button again.

Increase the Range of the Key Fob

This might look weird but it works out in its strange ways. Apparently, the brain waves can extend the key’s reach and thus allow you to unlock the car from a further distance. If anything, it won’t hurt to try!

2-Check Your Tires with a Coin

If you’re not sure whether it is time to buy new car tires, the penny test will help you make the decision. The condition of a tire is measured by the depth of its tread. The deeper the tread, the better the tire.

35 Car Hacks Every Driver Should Know

Check Your Tires with a Coin

To check whether your tires are still good, grab a penny and turn it upside down so the top of Lincoln’s head is facing the floor. Then dip the penny into the tread to check its depth. If the tread goes over Lincoln’s forehead, the tires still have some life in them. If not, it’s time for new ones!

3-Pull Out Dents with a Plunger

Here’s another money saver for all the car drivers out there. Fixing a dent on the surface of the car can be quite costly, unless you try to do so with a plunger. That’s right, this random bathroom accessory can help you fix your vehicle in no time!

35 Car Hacks Every Driver Should Know

Pull Out Dents with a Plunger

Just take the plunger and stick it onto the center of the dent. Pull as hard as you can until the dent is evened out perfectly. You can do this a couple of times to level out the surface if necessary.

4-Unfreeze the Keyhole

Windshield wipers and mirrors are not the only things that can freeze on your vehicles. You will probably go through a much worse struggle if your keyhole ends up frozen. To solve this issue, you are going to need some hand sanitizer and, luckily, we have plenty of that right now.

35 Car Hacks Every Driver Should Know

Unfreeze the Keyhole

Put as much hand sanitizer into the lock as possible. You can do so by squirting the liquid right out of the bottle or putting directly on the key. The alcohol will heat up the ice and quickly unfreeze the whole thing.

5-Fix Foggy Headlights

Foggy headlights are more than just an aesthetic issue on your vehicle. In fact, they can seriously impact the quality of your lights at night, which can lead to potential risk and danger.

35 Car Hacks Every Driver Should Know

Fix Foggy Headlights

Of course, you can always spare an extra $30 to get them fixed by a professional, or you can try this hack instead. Get some toothpaste and smear it all over the headlight. Let it sit there for a minute and then rub it in with a clean cloth. Continue rubbing until you see the fog lifting.

6-The Hidden Lock

All new vehicles rely on electric locks, which have their pros and cons. However, what can you do when the electric components fail you? In case you didn’t know, every car still has a manual lock, regardless of the electric feature.

35 Car Hacks Every Driver Should Know

The Hidden Lock

Next time you head over to your car, check the door handle for a small plastic piece at the edge. Remove this piece and you will find a good old manual lock underneath. This can be a lifesaver in case you get yourself locked out of the car.

7-Protect Wipers and Mirrors from Freezing

Frozen windshield wipers and car mirrors can be a real nightmare, especially during the coldest winter days. Letting these fragile parts of your car freeze can lead to damage and unnecessary expenses.

Protect Wipers and Mirrors from Freezing

Luckily, you can protect your windshield wipers from vicious ice by putting a pair of socks over them. This will prevent the snow from freezing and keep the wipers as good as new. Since you can’t fit a sock on the mirrors, find an appropriate nylon bag for this purpose.

8-The Gas Tank Side

Did you ever sit down in a new car or borrow your friend’s vehicle only to find out you have no idea where the gas tank is? Pulling up to the wrong side of the gas pump can be quite frustrating, although this little hack will solve this problem forever.

35 Car Hacks Every Driver Should Know

The Gas Tank Side

If you pay attention to the details on your gas gauge, you will notice that there is an arrow next to the little gas pump icon. This arrow points to the side of the car where the gas tank is located. You’re welcome!

9-Driving in a Hurry

Naturally, if you are rushing to get somewhere, you are more likely to drive faster and go over the speed limit. However, by doing so, you will only wear out your brakes since you will have to stop at nearly every stoplight on the route.

35 Car Hacks Every Driver Should Know

Driving in a Hurry

The thing is, stoplights are designed in a way that allows drivers who follow the speed limit to hit green lights more often. If you just stick to the speed limit and cruise patiently, you will hit fewer red lights and thus be more likely to arrive on time.

10-Make Your Own Trash Can

Are you tired of collecting trash all over your car? You can easily solve this issue by creating a miniature trash can so your passengers have a place to put down their garbage. Luckily, there’s one common household object that seems to be perfect for this purpose.

Make Your Own Trash Can

Find yourself an ordinary plastic cereal container and put a plastic bag inside it. Close the lid over the bag so it is secured in place. Then put the improvised trash can in the back seat and enjoy a clean and tidy car.

11-Freshen Up the Smell

If you are struggling to keep the air in your car fresh, this quick hack will make the problem go away. Head to the nearest supply store and grab a box of dryer sheets for this one. Then place one sheet underneath each car seat.

Freshen Up the Smell

The smell of the sheets will penetrate through the seat and neutralize any other unpleasant smells in the car. This technique, combined with airing out the car every once in a while, will help you keep the air nice and fresh.

12-Find Your Car in a Parking Lot

Let’s face it, we’ve all been in this situation. You come to a packed parking lot, barely find a decent spot, and then an hour later you get back only to realize that you have no idea where your car is. As embarrassing as it is to admit it, we’ve all made this mistake at least once.

Find Your Car in a Parking Lot

One way you can make sure you never forget where you parked the car is to take a picture of the surroundings. Find something memorable or easily noticeable in the area around the car so you can easily retrieve it later.

13-Keep the Car Cool

If you find yourself driving without AC during hot summer days, you will have to keep the car cool using the good old window method. This is where most people make a mistake by rolling down all four windows of the car.

Keep the Car Cool

This will only make the air travel from one window to another without much of a pleasing effect. Instead, only roll down the first two windows to get better results, as keeping the back windows closed will force the air to circulate and create a cooler environment.

14-Absorb Moisture on Your Dash

Sooner or later you will have to deal with condensation in your vehicle. The fog on the windows can seriously impact your driving experience and it will likely get annoying over time. You can solve this issue by using a simple cloth bag filled with rice.

Absorb Moisture on Your Dash

Get an old shirt or any cloth material to create a little pocket for the rice. Once it’s all put together, place the rice bag on the dash and let it absorb moisture in the vehicle. You can also put it in the microwave every once in a while to dry the rice up.

15-Keeping the Interior Clean

It’s not only the outside of your vehicle that should be kept spotless. In most cases, keeping the interior clean is even more important. One way to keep the interior of your car clean is to use a spare coffee filter you find in the kitchen to wipe down surfaces inside the car.

35 Car Hacks Every Driver Should Know

Keeping the Interior Clean

You won’t believe how efficient coffee filters are for this purpose. Instead of spending money on car wipes and fancy products, you can get hundreds of filters at a cheap price in any supermarket.

16-The Keyring Hack

We can all agree that there is nothing worse than adding new keys to a keyring. The stiff metal ring can injure your fingers and cause sharp pain if not used correctly. Here’s a way you can add things to your keyring with ease.

The Keyring Hack

Simply use a stapler to hold the metal rings apart as you add the new key. Your keys will be nicely organized and, most importantly, your fingertips will remain intact! Just make sure you don’t stretch out the ring too much.

17-Take off Stickers

Whether you’ve just bought a new car or you’re trying to get the old one to look as good as new, you are going to have to remove stickers. The bad news is that stubborn stickers usually leave a mark or adhesive residue on the car surface.

Take off Stickers

This can seriously mess up the whole aesthetic of the vehicle. One way to remove stickers without them leaving a trace is to use a hairdryer. Apply heat on the sticky area until it can be removed easily.

18-Keep the Cup Holders Clean

Cup holders are one of the most convenient features of your car’s interior, although they do get dirty and messy way too quickly. Instead of having to vacuum the holders every three days, you can put cupcake cups inside to catch the debris.

Keep the Cup Holders Clean

The cups will prevent dust and debris from piling up in the holders and you can easily replace them whenever necessary. That way, your vehicle will stay clean and fresh for days. Just make sure you replace the cups when they get dirty.

19-Make Use of the Seat Warmer

There’s nothing more frustrating than being stuck in traffic when delivering pizza to your family at home. You might have planned out a great family dinner, but a cold pizza won’t make it any better.

35 Car Hacks Every Driver Should Know

Make Use of the Seat Warmer

Luckily, you can keep the pizza warm by placing it on the passenger’s seat and turning on the seat warmer. If your car has this feature, you are qualified to be the next best delivery person in town.

20-The Garage Opener

How many times did you find yourself in front of the garage, ready to park, and realized that you can’t find the garage door remote? If you have a garage, we guarantee you’ve been in this situation at least once.

The Garage Opener

Believe it or not, you can solve this issue by installing the garage door opener inside your vehicle. This might take a bit of DIY, as you will have to connect the wiring of a push button to the remote controller, although you can always ask a professional to get it done for you.

21-Fix Tiny Scratches with Nail Polish

Let’s face it, no one wants to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars repainting the entire vehicle because of a small scratch. Unfortunately, there will always be a scratch or two pokings at your eyes, no matter how hard you try to keep the car intact.

Fix Tiny Scratches with Nail Polish

Luckily, you can cover up small scratches with nail polish. All you have to do is go out there and find the right shade. If anything, there are dozens of colors and shades you can choose from to best fit the color of your car.

22-Stop Hitting the Back Wall in the Garage

How many times did the front end of your vehicle meet the back wall inside of your garage? Even if it’s just small, insignificant contact, it can lead to damage and scratches over time. Something as small as a tennis ball can solve this issue.

Stop Hitting the Back Wall in the Garage

Measure out the distance from your front windshield to the wall in the garage. Then set up a tennis ball on a string just so it touches the windshield when you’ve reached the perfect distance. That way, you will know exactly when to stop when parking your vehicle.

23-The Garage Noodle

While pool noodles might seem completely useless in real life, they can come in handy for many purposes outside the pool. In fact, a noodle can protect your car’s door in the garage and save you money on unwanted repairs.

The Garage Noodle

If you have a smaller garage and you’re struggling to get in and out of the car all the time, then the pool noodle door protector is a must-have. Simply cut the noodle in half and glue it to the wall at the spot where the car door usually touches it.

24-Melt Windshield Ice with Vinegar

Icy windshields are just another thing on the list of car problems during winter days. If you’re in a rush to get to work and you don’t have time to run the car heater long enough to melt the ice, we have a quicker solution for you.

Melt Windshield Ice with Vinegar

Mix some vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray it all over the frozen windshield. Give it a minute to dissolve and you will quickly see the ice melting away. Clean up the mess and you’re good to go!

25-Clean the Interior with Goo

You know all those fancy slime videos you saw on the internet? Well, they might come in handy now because the slime can be used to clean the interior of your vehicle better than any cloth you’ll find out there.

Clean the Interior with Goo

You can find this gooey substance in any auto shop or dealership. Use it to remove dust from places that are difficult to reach, such as the AC vent or the detailed surfaces of the dash. Simply wash the gooey slime later and you’re good to go!

26-Use the Sun

Are you tired of running the heat or mixing vinegar to melt windshield ice? You can battle this issue naturally by choosing to park your vehicle in a different direction. Let the sun melt the ice for you so you won’t have to waste time on this tedious task.

35 Car Hacks Every Driver Should Know

Use the Sun

Next time you park the car, make sure the windshield is facing east so it can be met by the morning sun. Still, if the sun is not strong enough in the morning, you might have to deal with the ice yourself.

27-Get More Gas

Everyone tries to be as quick and efficient as possible when pumping gas at the station, as if someone is chasing us out of there. However, this is not the kind of situation where you want to be in a hurry.

Get More Gas

If you slow down and allow the tank to fill up at a slower rate, you will let less air inside, and thus get more gas. To do so, hold the gas pump at 50% instead of squeezing it all the way as you normally would.

28-Cool a Hot Car During Summer

There’s nothing worse than having to sit in a sizzling hot car on a hot day in July. If your car has been sitting in the sun all day, you are really in for a treat when you sit inside. However, you can keep this hack in mind to avoid unpleasant situations like these.

Cool a Hot Car During Summer

To cool the car quickly, roll down the window at the passenger’s side and then open and close the driver’s door multiple times. This will force the hot air out of the vehicle and allow it to cool down faster.

29-Improvised Cell Phone Holder

If you don’t have a smartphone holder in your car and you don’t feel like investing in one, here’s a quick way to make your own DIY version. All you have to do is slip a tight rubber band through the air condition vent and let it hold the phone in place.

Improvised Cell Phone Holder

This might not be the most aesthetic long-term solution, but it will come in handy in situations where you need to use GPS on your phone. Most importantly, make sure the rubber band you choose is strong enough to hold the phone.

30-Pop Out Car Dents

We’ve already mentioned one easy way to fix dents in your car using a plunger. If that proves to be too difficult, here’s another simple solution you should try. For this one, you are going to need nothing but some hot water.

Pop Out Car Dents

Boil some water and pour it over the small dent on your car. The heat will expand the plastic and thus pull the dent out. However, keep in mind that this is only efficient for smaller and less significant dents.

31-Mesh Bungee Net for Storage

If you’re always running out of storage space in your car, here’s a quick fix that will help you make more room for your daily essentials. All you need is some mesh net and bungee cords to make your own ceiling storage department.

35 Car Hacks Every Driver Should Know

Mesh Bungee Net for Storage

Tie the cord to all four hand-holders in the car and you will have plenty of room to fit in an extra bag or some smaller items. Mesh nets are quite cheap, so this might even be one of the cheapest storage fixes out there.

32-Make a Back Seat Organizer

Things can get pretty messy in the back of your car if you don’t have some sort of an organization system in place. The best way to keep things organized is to use a seat organizer with mesh pockets for different essentials.

Make a Back Seat Organizer

Instead of investing extra money in car storage organizers, you can simply use a mesh shoe organizer and save yourself a few bucks. These organizers won’t take up too much space but will provide more room for small items, bottles, and similar things you’ll find in the back of the car.

33-Solve the Mess in the Trunk

The messiest part of any car is usually the trunk where we shove all sorts of things that we do and don’t need. Luckily, there is an easy way to organize your trunk with nothing but a few laundry baskets.

Solve the Mess in the Trunk

Laundry baskets will help you keep things tidy and allow you to make the best out of the storage space. Since laundry baskets can be placed on one another, you can easily create a shelf system for extra storage room.

34-Survive the Winter Driving Season

Driving in winter can be quite challenging, especially on the coldest days when the road gets icy. If there is not enough friction between the tires and the frozen road, you will likely struggle to keep driving safely.

Survive the Winter Driving Season

One way to make winter driving feel safer is to add more weight to the back tires. To do so, purchase a couple of bags of water softener salt bags and place them at the edge of the trunk. Keep in mind that this won’t be of any help for front-wheel-drive vehicles.

35-Set up a Dash Cam

Lastly, this is not much of a shocking, new hack, but rather, a useful piece of advice for drivers of any experience level. Setting up a dashcam in your car will make you feel safer as you drive, since your movement on the road will be recorded.

Set up a Dash Cam

That way, you will have clear proof and evidence of what happened in case of any car accidents or events on the street. A dashcam is a one-time investment that will save you money for years down the road.