19 Pictures That Would Have Been Really Freaking Shocking Before The COVID-19 Took Over Our Lives

12. This elevator uses markers on the floor to encourage passengers to face the wall instead of each other.

KedaiBaie / Via reddit.com

13. This salad bar individually bags each component to reduce transmission risk between customers.

Blnx / Via reddit.com

14. This nursing home found a clever way to keep doing bingo nights while having its residents maintain distance.

Kelmo7 / Via reddit.com

15. This grocery store put up plastic partitions between the cashier and customer.

ThatsRealPablo / Via reddit.com

16. This taxi driver rigged a setup to seal himself off from passengers.

exiledsyrup / Via reddit.com

17. This grocery store put handwashing stations outside its entrance to encourage customers to sanitize themselves before coming inside.

beauhio / Via reddit.com

18. This office installed doorknobs you can open with your foot.

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19. And finally, this grocery store employee found a clever way to let customers know that, yes, whatever you’re looking for is probably out of stock.

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