18 Cats Who Are Quarantining Better Than Some Humans Right Now

Since the coronavirus outbreak started, people haven’t exactly been the best about social distancing.

However, cats are proving themselves to be very good at quarantining — and we can all learn from them. So, here are 18 cats who are doing a better job at social distancing than a lot of people.

Wink. from r/aww

1. This trio that understands what social distancing is all about.

2. And these two fur babies who are also getting the hang of it.

3. This kitty who has made working from home very entertaining.



4. And this cat who is leading Zoom meetings like a pro.


5. These cats who are ~expurrts~ at social distancing.

6. This cat who has discovered some cozy corners to relax in at home.


7. This feline who has found a way to solve quarantine boredom.


8. And this cool cat who’s doing everything they can to stay busy.

9. This astro-cat who has taken face masks to a whole new level.

astronaut from r/cats