17 Really Good Things That Happened This Week, Despite All The Madness

1. This week, this girl’s dad serenaded her grandma and her neighbors at her retirement home!!!!!!!

2. This blissful and unbothered fox took a nap on a tree stump:

3. This Museum of Illusion worker helped a lone visitor execute said ~illusions~:

4. These two shared a *VERY* special dance:

5. These longtime lovebirds tied the knot!!!!!!!

Due to coronavirus, we decided to just go to the courthouse today instead of stressing about the wedding we’ve been planning for months. Couldn’t be happier. I’ve been in love with this woman since I was 4 years old. from MadeMeSmile

6. This bulldog proved to be a stable surface for some Pringle stacking:

7. These parents didn’t want their daughter to eat her meals alone in self-quarantine, so they did THIS!!!!!!!!

8. These musicians duetted out on their balconies while social-distancing in Barcelona:

9. These penguins got to explore the rest of the aquarium after it closed to the public:

10. This pupper showed off his lovely, lovely garden!!!!!!!!!


11. This guy coped with staying indoors the best way he knew how: