17 Cats Who Are Either Plotting A Murder Or World Domination

1. This cat who apparently wasn’t into their owner’s new S.O.:

u/uptownwhiteboy / Via reddit.com

2. Same with this cat, who looks eerily similar:


3. This cat who was caught red-handed:

u/virtueandwine / Via reddit.com

4. These cats who mastered the art of intimidation:

5. This cat whose plans were foiled:

u/simonstansfield / Via reddit.com

6. This cat who wanted you to know that your time is coming:

u/espan1 / Via reddit.com

7. And then this same cat who tried to go rogue:

u/espan1 / Via reddit.com


8. These cats who said, “Yea, I’m kinda sick of him too, let’s just do it already”:

u/MajesticCuppiecake / Via reddit.com 

9. This cat who will one day make their owner pay for being disrespectful:

10. These cats who refused to welcome a new pet into the family:

u/The_Octopode / Via reddit.com 

11. This cat who was smart enough to catch their prey at their most vulnerable state:

u/twentygreenskidoo / Via reddit.com

12. This cat who lost her Christmas spirit:

u/FacepalmNapalm / Via reddit.com 

13. This cat who used dramatic lighting in the best way possible:

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