13 movies and shows to watch during the quarantine

With the US in a state of national emergency over the spread of the coronavirus within the country and movement for DoD personnel restricted around the world, there’s a chance that you’ll eventually find yourself holed up in your home or barracks for the foreseeable future — which also means you’ll find yourself bored as hell.

Luckily, we  Purpose are a few movies and shows to keep you from going bats — insane while cooped up at home. Don’t thank us — service is enough thanks in itself.

Military-themed movies and shows

1. Contagion (2011)

No, you don’t need to go outside: just watch this to see what the absolute worst-case scenario for a global pandemic looks like, including the military’s response — and then take heart in knowing that’s not at all what is happening. (Streaming on Amazon Prime).

2. Outbreak (1995)

After Contagion, Outbreak is the perfect pandemic film; a combination sci-thriller and mid-90s action romp. Stick around long enough and you get to watch Cuba Gooding Jr. pull off some insane maneuvers in a helo to keep the U.S. military from firebombing an infected town, just like in real life. (Streaming on Netflix)

3. Dog Soldiers (2000)

A bunch of foul-mouthed British soldiers faces off against a pack of foul-mouthed werewolves in the Scottish highlands. Though it was originally a made-for-TV flick for the Sci-Fi channel, Dog Soldiers delivers tons of suspense and a lot of unexpected laughs. (Streaming on Amazon Prime)

4. 28 Days Later (2002)

A good reminder that the coronavirus could be a hell of a lot worse: It could be twice as virulent and turn people into bloodthirsty monsters, instead of an insatiable mob that’s dead-set on buying up all the hand sanitizer and toilet paper on the planet. (Streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime)

5. In The Army Now (1994)

This Pauly Shore vehicle is still the most realistic movie about Army life ever made. Don’t agree? Watch it now and prove us wrong. (Streaming on Amazon Prime)

6. The Command (2018)

This film focuses on Russia’s 2000 submarine disaster involving the K-141 Kursk, which sank and trapped 23 sailors at the bottom of the Barents sea after torpedoes exploded onboard. Though the film takes plenty of liberties with the true story, it highlights the dangerous bureaucracy that made the rescue of the sailors far more difficult. (Streaming on Netflix)

7. Band of Brothers (2001)


With a 10-episode season, this is just a fantastic and entertaining way to make time go by. And let’s face it, you’re stuck on the couch for the foreseeable future! (Streaming on HBO)

8. The Aftermath (2019)

In the wake of World War II, a more-than-complicated love triangle develops between Jason Clarke, Keira Knightley, a British colonel and his wife, and Alexander Skarsgard, a German homeowner who, along with his daughter, has had to make room for the British couple. What more information do you need? Keira Knightley and Alexander Skarsgard… that’s the pitch. (Streaming on HBO)