11 Incredible Uses Of the Coffee Filters That Everyone Should Know

Here are 11 unbelievable uses of coffee filters which everybody should know. Look:

Our cupboards are full of objects that are not used often and are for single use. This is, for example, the case of coffee filters. We tend to use them ONLY for coffee.

However, they can use this small scrap of paper for a crowd of unbelievable things. To such an extent that I always have it at home, even if I drink coffee almost never.

 To relieve puffy eyes

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To calm down puffy eyes and reduce dark circles, soak a coffee filter in an infusion of chamomile that comes out of the fridge. Or just in the cool water. Then fold the filter and place it on your eyes as a soothing cold compress for a few minutes. No more puffy eyes because of a sleepless night!

 to butter a pan easily.

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To butter a dish or a pan easily without putting everywhere, use a simple coffee filter. Just put the butter on the filter and rub everything inside the mold. Don’t worry, this leaves no residue in the dish, and there is no risk to your health.

 to protect the fragile dishes

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To avoid that your fragile dishes don’t scratch her cleaning, enter a coffee filter between each plate before stacking. The filters are resistant while remaining flexible and soft to not scratch dishes. This also works for the dishes.

 to eliminate the bad smells 

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Pour a few tablespoons of baking soda in a coffee filter and close it with a rubber band. Place the bag in your shoes, bags of sports, closets, refrigerator or any other place that needs to be deodorized. You can also add a few drops of essential oils on the coffee filter to add a pleasant fragrance and more.

 to clean the screens easily.

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Coffee filters are perfect for cleaning delicate surfaces as they are soft and lint not. It is perfect for computer screens, TV, Tablet, phone, and even windows. And you will see, it leaves no trace!

 to make wipes to a dryer.

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This is my favorite use of coffee filters. I turn them into wipe fragrant for the dryer. Dampen a filter coffee with a bit of white vinegar and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Put the filter in the middle of your clothes in the machine. They will emerge static-free and with a good smell. Easy and super economical!

 to serve the appetizer easily.

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A coffee filter can be used as a small disposable Bowl for your aperitifs. Use a to present popcorn, pretzels, cupcakes and even chips of raw vegetables. It’s great practice, especially for picnics. You can also use them for the taste of children, it is ideal to control the portions they eat. Candies, cakes, Apple will be well presented and kids love them.

 as for bouquet garni bag. 

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Some dishes are much better if you put a bouquet garni. The only problem is to then go fishing to recover the bay leaf and thyme branches. Fortunately, I found a trick to avoid this! Simply place all the ingredients of the bouquet garni in the center of a coffee filter, and then tie it with a piece of string. Then put it in the Pan and simmer. When cooked, it just only to retrieve the filter simply.

 to keep celery longer.

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Wrap the branches of celery in a coffee filter, then put them in a freezer bag in the fridge. The coffee filter will absorb excess moisture and therefore keep celery crisp longer.


 to germinate the seeds.

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Use a coffee filter to germinate the seeds and start planting in the spring. Moisten the filter with water, then place some seeds inside. Fold the filter and place it in a ziplock bag. Then put the bag in a warm place, and in a few days, you will see the seeds out.

 to easily clean the car.

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Keep a stack of coffee filters in the glove box of your car. What for? Because they are really practical to remove dust from the dashboard, and even to clean glass without leaving traces. They can also serve as an emergency towel if you eat sometimes drive. And the next time you check the oil level, you can wipe the dipstick with a coffee filter easily.

And so, now you know the best uses of filters coffee 🙂 Easy, convenient, and economical, isn’t it? These coffee filters are truly magical! Don’t forget that you can reuse them at will. It’s the best way to make real savings.

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