10 things to do to keep you busy during quarantine

6. Children in quarantine


If you’re not alone in quarantine and your child has joined you, be creative. If you want to practice the various activities mentioned above but the household calls you, be ingenious. A child at home is free labor. He can do the dishes, vacuum, and even do the laundry if he controls the washing machine. This is a good method to prevent children from getting bored and complaining at your house during your Netflix session …

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7. Family cooking

If some grocery shelves are to be believed, Quebecers now have enough to hold for days or even weeks without going out. Why not offer your children or your spouse who is usually the least in charge of cooking to try their hand at cooking workshops for two or a family? Even making bread is particularly pleasant. For easy recipes in which to involve your children.

8. Make yourself beautiful

Does your beard or hair deserve a new cut? Improvise your hairdresser for yourself or your family. You will have at least 15 days for it to grow back in case of failure!

9. creativity when you hold us!

Now that you have put away your cellar, you must have treasures to customize.
Tutorials from Pinterest, Youtube, and other social networks will be your best allies.

10. Stay cautious

Despite this touch of humor to oxygenate the neurons, you must, however, remain cautious. Indeed, not to give in to panic is also to remain vigilant for oneself but also for others. Little basic reminder: we wash our hands regularly, we cough and sneeze in our elbow, we stop kissing and shaking hands. We remain attentive to our health and that of others.