10 things to do to keep you busy during quarantine

As the current situation changes very quickly, there is a good chance that some of us will have to stay at home … There are several reasons for this. Having been in contact with infected people, being a carrier of the virus yourself or because the children’s school or nursery has closed. But how do you deal with it when you are confined to the house?

Are you stuck at home and you don’t know how to spend your days? Here is a small list of 10 cool activities to do while waiting to go outside again.

1. Update yourself on all the movies you haven’t seen

AMC The Walking Dead

Why not take this opportunity to see the movies and series you never have time to watch. We thank Netflix for the infinite choice of films and series available. What if we were inspired by the current theme of contagion and the ugly virus? A good film or a good series talking about epidemics or pandemics? The choice is vast…

This kind of show can easily put us into perspective on the gravity of current events, especially if your choice is on a good old zombie movie like Walking Dead, Shaun of the Dead or 28 days later. Until proven otherwise, the coronavirus does not transform people into brainless creatures eager for fresh flesh … well, whatever!

we Purpose a few recommendations to keep you from going bats — insane while cooped up at home: 13 movies and shows to watch during the quarantine

2. Video games!


How about staying on the charming theme of the pandemic and viruses? You can opt for Dead Rising on Xbox. Like many zombie games, you must try to survive and complete your mission while exploring the walking dead. A real release! There is also Plague Inc. It is a strategy and simulation game in an apocalyptic universe. The game is very realistic and addictive. You will forget your quarantine.

3. Small solitary pleasures…


Are movies and games no longer enough for you? Are you going in circles? Lonely pleasure, we don’t talk about it enough, it’s so taboo! And yet … In addition, it is appropriate. Imagine, you are potentially contaminated. You don’t want to pass the virus on to your poor half during a hug. We avoid any exchange of fluids! Is your other half contaminated? Shared pleasure! Double advantage: it passes the time and it releases endorphins.

4. Catch up on reading late


Reading: a simple and relaxing pleasure! So (too) simple, that some people forget it. Again, let’s stay connected with our theme. A host of literary works are available to you. Among the best books, you will find World War Z or Survival Guide in Zombie Territory or I am a Legend. If you are lazy by nature, they are also available in films, but you already knew that!

5. Yoga

Have you always tried to test yoga, but your schedule never really got you there? Yoga at home is possible if you have an adequate mat and disconnect from your phone.